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Food. People. Stories.

Food. We're connected to it. Far deeper than our surface awareness. It serves us for more than just sustenance. Food influences medicine, spirituality, customs, traditions. Food is history. Anthropologists researched the food humans ate to better understand our species. Food beautifully illustrates the culture of people, and for many, it's a prelude to foreign lands yet seen. 

Food tells it's story through people. We capture this story through film. 


"There is no sincerer love, than the love of food."

~ George Bernard Shaw


A Butcher's Story


Watch how Tim Forrester, the butcher and owner of the thriving neighborhood butcher shop, Harlem Shambles; uses his passion for quality cuts of meats to connect with the community of the most famous neighborhood in the world...Harlem.

The Spirit of Food

She is the epitome of a spiritual connection to food.  Meet Guramrit Lebron. When it comes to putting into words our divine connection to food, Guramrit has the gastronomical aptitude and sage to deliver.  A quadruple threat...Vegan, Yogi, Cookbook Author, Metaphysical Nutritionist.  Guramrit teaches us a new way of seeing food, and how we can use it to connect with the Divine Source and live our best lives.  


“Amazing culinary experiences should not be reserved for the elite.”

~ Salim Moore


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