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Behind the camera

Meet the Creator...

Right up there with Producer and visual storyteller, Salim Moore is an enthusiast for food, wanderlust and adventure. These passions are the main ingredients behind the series.


A girl and her camera, she dreamt of shaking up the food world by reshaping how we see and value food.

Observing food's influence in our daily lives sparked the idea for capturing this interaction in raw form, documentary.

"In every part of the world, people gather around food.  I'm fascinated by how we are synergistically connected to it.  Besides the fact that we cannot survive without it, we have a relationship with it.  I wanted to explore that relationship and capture the unique and beautiful stories of how we use it to define moments in our lives. In this series, we go beyond the plate, spotlighting how food shows up in life as a trade, history, tradition, culture, family, love, pleasure, and medicine; ultimately revealing how it plays a role in who we are."

Food Defined is a short film series following the stories of people willing to share their connection to food. We hope these stories inspire viewers to look deeper into their own connection and discover a new appreciation for the bounty that quietly details our lives.

Thank you for supporting this passion project to showcase the marriage between two fascinating entities, people and food.

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